Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do you know the benefits of pomegranate juice?

Benefits of pomegranate juice is too great in the treatment of many diseases, which is very useful for the human heart would prefer to enjoy this information

The benefits of pomegranate juice
According to recent medical research that pomegranate juice is useful and healthy for the human heart. The research revealed that eating a cup of pomegranate juice a day can impede or even prevent the factors that lead to heart attacks.

It is worth mentioning that the centers everywhere in the world is doing experiments on natural food and to identify the benefits that accrue when a person is dealt with regularly or from time to time.

The researchers say that the man who drank at least half a cup of pomegranate juice a day reduces the risk of injury or vascular thrombosis incidence of heart disease.

New Today went to the pomegranate, and found it full of these compounds to prevent oxidation, which were found to be working well to prevent oxidation of fats, plasma (which they think of the causes of hardening of the arteries) study was published Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the study was conducted on healthy people and animal experiments, were given healthy pomegranate juice for two weeks and animals 14 weeks. In order to see the effects of pomegranate juice on oxidation of proteins and fat accumulation, and atherosclerosis in healthy or infected animals to atherosclerosis.

In a number of research the role of material named (Vljevinoeidat) on the body, and they serve as powerful antioxidants in the body, the search for these materials in food, was a series of papers that confirm the presence in a number of plants and flowers, in particular the number of good tea research in this aspect.

The results found that pomegranate juice works to reduce the accumulation of harmful proteins, fat body and subsidence at the healthy donors. It also reduces the problem of atherosclerosis in mice, and the outcome of the study concluded that the effect of pomegranate juice a powerful antidote to the hardening of the arteries when the healthy people, as well as when the infected animals to atherosclerosis. This effect is due primarily to the presence of antioxidants in pomegranate.

According to strengthen the heart and pomegranate repellent worm band and assistant in the treatment of dysentery and treatment of nervous fatigue and inflammation of the mucous membrane, and if cooking and drinking helped in the treatment of diarrhea, either peel the pomegranate used in the manufacturing of medicines to treat digestive and stomach ulcers If drinking pomegranate juice and local honey, it softens the intestines and removes constipation and helps to clean up the airways and chest and cleanses the blood, for treatment Avsos prefers to eat pomegranates with White Huelva 0

Contains pomegranate cent grams of 85% water - 10% sugar - 1% citric acid - 3% protein - 2% fiber - 1 mg fat - 10 grams Calcium - 3 mg iron, vitamin C, vitamin B

Containing fruit juice to 38-63% and 10-20% of seeds and the crust is 29-50% of the weight of the fruit. And eat the outer layer of the crust as it includes a sweet juice that contains sugar 4.5-19.2% and 0.2-9% citric acid, apple, 14% vitamin C and pomegranate is an important source of citric acid and citric acid content of more than the content itself of lemons. And also made from the fruit of the pomegranate pomegranate juice, peel and contains tree bark and around 20-28% as normal and the dye used in tanning and dyeing tissue is also used pomegranate blossom in the industry. Among the benefits of the pomegranate that drenched boiled in the shell used against diarrhea and dysentery is anathematic, especially tapeworms, pulp fruit calm coughs and enter into a paste coating the teeth. Pomegranate juice is used in diseases of the throat and flowers boiled in cases of gastrointestinal .

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