Saturday, February 4, 2012


Organic almond essential oil is also excellent in hair care. It is especially beneficial in the treatment and prevention of hair fall. It's rich vitamin E content and essential minerals and fatty acids such as Oleic acid, Omega-9 and Omega - 6 are helpful in strengthening hair roots. Applying a few drops of almond oil in the fingertips and massaging into scalp daily in slow circular motion a few hours before shampooing can bring back a healthy lustrous hai

t is known as an essential oil, which basically translates into "the essence of the plant". There are two basic types of almond oil harvested for commercial purposes today. Bitter and sweet almond oil

Organic almond oils ability to soften and condition skin made it as one of the oil of choice for body massage. Many massage therapists prefer this oil because it is highly lubricating and does not penetrate the skin easily. This allows time to spread the essential oil all over the body providing a good massage to relieve muscular aches and pains.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Basil essential oil helps in improving the digestive system activities and removes the gas that can be found in the intestines. This alleviates problems of the digestion such as infections and spasms as well as gastroenteritis and vomiting. Needless to say, this should be on your pocket when you are travelling especially when you are a sensitive person. This oil is also helpful in such a way we never expect; it has a profound effect on the nervous system, it relieves fatigue and cleans up the head, providing you a more peaceful and strong mind. When you feel vulnerable, you may use this to relieve it as well as when you are physically exhausted.

Basil is also a good source of vitamin A, which helps to prevent damage to the cells by free radicals. Vitamin A also prevents free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol in the blood stream, preventing the cholesterol from building up in the blood vessels.

Essential oil of basil has been shown to inhibit the growth of several types of bacteria, many of which have become resistant to antibiotics. This essential oil has been found to inhibit growth of the widespread staphylococcus, enterococcus, pseudomonas, and e. coli bacteria, among others. Adding basil to your vinaigrette will both enhance the flavor, and ensure that the fresh salad greens are safe to eat.

Magnesium is also present in basil. This essential mineral helps the heart and blood vessels to relax, improving blood flow. Other nutrients found in basil include iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C.


Use the dried fruit. The strong oil in Aniseed provides the basis for its
internal use to ease griping, intestinal colic and flatulence. It also has an
expectorant and anti-spasmodic action and may be used in bronchitis, in
tracheitis where there is persistent irritable coughing, and in whooping
cough. The oil itself can be the base for an ointment to help control lice
and the oil can be used directly in the control of lice.

A valuable remedy for the digestive system it stimulates the digestive and
liver secretions. It is also the herb of choice for appendicitis. Also treats
incontinence, sore throats and laryngitis. As a salve it will aid in healing
wounds and bruises.

Such as Aloe Vera, are good for burns. While this is a well known
treatments, what you may not know is that aloes are also helpful in treating
cancer and stomach ailments.

Use both the root and seed. Roots and leaves are used medicinally, the
stems and seeds are used in confectionery. This herb is a useful
expectorant for coughs, bronchitis and pleurisy, especially when they are
accompanied by fever, colds or influenza.

Alder Tree
Use leaves for swelling. Especially helpful in easing pain of swollen breast
or burning and aching feet. Should be avoided if pregnant.

A highly nutritive herb, good for the pituitary gland, it alkalizes the body
rapidly and detoxifies the liver. Essential in rebuilding decayed teeth and
helps with arthritic and rheumatic pain.

Apple Tree
Use the bark to create a tonic that will treat gravel in the bladder and also
aid in reducing fever.

Not to be taken internally, this is an excellent treatment for bruises and
sprains. Will also help relieve rheumatic pain as well as pain and
inflammation of phlebitis.