Monday, April 11, 2016


Yarrow has been used for thousands of years as a powerful wound healer. Yarrow is known to be highly medicinal in the strengthening of the upper respiratory system. It is an effective decongestant, able to dry up the lungs and improve coughs and sinus infections. 
Yarrow is an astringent, tonic, stimulant, mild aromatic and diaphoretic, meaning it induces sweating. It’s diaphoretic properties make it a useful herb for treating severe colds. According to Maude Grieve’s  A Modern Herbal, it is “most useful in the commencement of fevers.” Grieve recommends making an infusion with 1 ounce of dried herb and 1 pint of boiling water. It can be drunk warm, with some honey and a bit of cayenne pepper. According to herbalist Susun Weed

Yarrow is a diaphoretic, hypotensive, astringent, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, vulnerary, carminative, and antiseptic herb. It’s one of the best herbs you can use to sweat out a fever. It also tones and dilates the blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure. Yarrow helps relax the smooth muscles of both the uterus and the digestive tract, making it useful for menstrual cramps as well as stomach complaints, flatulence, diarrhea, and sluggish digestion.

Black Cohosh

The name cohosh is from the Algonquian tribe, and means unpleasant, alluding to the vibe of the rhizome.
This is a powerful relaxant as
well as being extremely effective with easing painful menstrual cramps
It is also effective in the treatment of arthritis, osteo-arthritis,
rheumatic pain and neurological pan. In small doses, appetite and
digestion are greatly improved and is very beneficial for the nervous
system in general.