Friday, March 19, 2010

Herbs and plants for beauty

Lemon juice
One of the best natural cleaning of the skin, is used to get rid of dirt and excess fat deposited Bmsam oily skin. The advantage of producing an astringent for the skin, to Maistkhaddm to lock the pores of the skin, which appear clearly distorting the skin, and give an opportunity to collect dirt and fat. For the lemon as well as the impact-resistant freckling, and improved skin color in general. To use lemon as a cleaner Ookabdp of the skin paint the skin with a thin layer of lemon juice, and remain a few minutes to dry, then rinse with warm water facial. Is also used lemon juice to remove the yellowish teeth and that its use on a brush or a piece of cotton, let alone to the teeth.
One of the richest flora in vitamin - a - which feeds the skin and therefore enter the islands in the installation of many of the creams and masks. Can also rely on carrots as food to feed the skin and make it flexible and soft texture. To make a mask of the islands in the boiling water and then mashed well, and use when cool completely.

Camphor oil is known for its anti rheumatic pain. As Imitasalkavor as laxative and antiseptic for the skin, and beneficial in the treatment of trouble caused by oily skin.
is characterized by its impact mint refreshment of the skin, and helps the clarity of the skin and the demise of grain from them. And can be added to bath water for the purpose of beauty.

has the effect of refreshing and antiseptic for the skin and therefore useful in the treatment of grain, which is the reverse of bacteria and rotten spots. For this purpose, enter the cloves in the installation of some medical creams, and masks. As is known to be useful teeth and resist the resulting pain, and the perfumed smell of the mouth.

Nigella sativa
Known about the medicinal properties of Nigella sativa and have multiple great benefits to the skin and hair, where the oil is used Nigella sativa Kmendv strong for the skin and anti-inflammatory. Included in the installation of herbal shampoos to wash their hair and strengthens it as Inamp.

Used oil extracted from cinnamon in the work of massage where the effect and nourished skin, is also used as a treatment for skin from sunburn. Also, the cinnamon oil to strengthen the teeth.
Given the overall effect of the skin enter the animal in the installation of convictions and creams, and steeped chamomile added to bath water. It also helps the disappearance of grain face, resist skin irritation.

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