Sunday, March 28, 2010


Grass around a length of 60 cm feathery leaves his vehicle and accurate, hollow stem and an umbrella-shaped flowers and seeds are small. Around a plant of the genus Aliment, growing in the fields and woodlands and on roadsides and the medical part of it the user is the fruit that have a sharp piquant taste and smell are known. We have in the areas of the Mediterranean basin, Iran and Mongolia.

Scientifically known as Carum carvi

User segment: from fruit and oil pilot. It contains the fruits of caraway oil on the pilot and the most important compound which is Alcarvon up where growth is between 40 60% also contain falconoid and sugars are numerous and fixed oil.

For this plant many medicinal uses, including:

- Helps the nursing mother to produce milk which is mixed with Circuit and Nigella sativa.
- Used with coriander and fittings in the treatment of inflammation of the kidneys.
- Caraway oil, an effective influence on airway inflammation also has a strong impact in reducing asthma

- This disease is closely linked to heart disease.
- Used as an adjunct in the treatment of stomach ulcers and duodenum and treatment of inflammation of the colon.
- Frequent use of boiled caraway prevent the conversion of normal cells into cancer cells
- Helps to relax the muscles of the stomach and intestines and used successfully in the treatment of flatulence.
- Soothing and calming for the stomach and chased gas.

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