Sunday, March 21, 2010

The beauty of your skin natural herbal

* To beautify the facial skin mashed strawberries and grains applied to a face before going to sleep and leave until the morning
... Wash with water, parsley and this helps to stimulate the skin, remove wrinkles
Olive oil
* To remove wrinkles, face and neck: the neck painted with a mixture consisting
Half a teaspoon of oil, and egg yolk, and drops of lemon juice
This remains the mask after twenty minutes with lukewarm water.
* Olive oil is used for painting the body in order to preserve it from the sun.

* Used in cosmetic skin melon, it is earned by the freshness and softness especially oily skin
Where the face wash composition following: distilled water, fresh milk is boiling, melon juice
in equal parts.

* Uses tomato juice with glycerin and a little salt, and paint the skin of the face and hands
Becomes smooth.

* for the skin and conspicuously and beautiful... wash face morning and night for a week
Bmgly grip of parsley in a liter of water for 15 minutes using a cold.
* To treat the face of the grain and pimples: Wash face twice or juice drenched parsley.

* for a great impact in the lemon freshness of lemon skin Rub your skin every day for two hours
and wash your face with warm water and Halvahs result.

* In order to get soft skin: Wash face with water option is cooked without salt.
* Aatkhals of costs and Freckles: soak the slices in milk option Alniye several hours
and wash the face.

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