Sunday, March 28, 2010

Herb works to purify the blood

Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice protects against heart disease: After a number of research revealed the role of material named «Vljevinoeidat» on the body, and they serve as powerful antioxidants in the body, the search for these materials in food, was a series of papers that confirm the presence in the number of plants and flowers, and found that the pomegranate is full of these compounds to prevent oxidation, which were found to be working well to prevent oxidation of fats, plasma «believed to be the causes of hardening of the arteries» published study Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the study was conducted on healthy people and animal experiments, were given healthy pomegranate juice for two weeks and animals 14 weeks. In order to see the effects of pomegranate juice on oxidation of proteins and fat accumulation, and atherosclerosis in healthy or infected animals to atherosclerosis.

Black berries: berries black berries differ from the known normal and known as Mulberry trees obtained from the forklift which is a hybrid of black berries and raspberries. Black berries are very rich in fiber to the containment of many of the seeds that will include a half cup of berries for 40 calories and provides of the body 15 mg of vitamin C in addition to 10 Maikargramat of folic acid and 3,5 mg of vitamin E and small amounts of iron and calcium. Contain black raspberries also Alilajek acid and this acid is believed to be protective against cancer and seems to be cooking does not destroy this acid and thus it can be obtained on this article from the black raspberry jam. And cons of black berries that contain salicylate, which may cause allergic reactions in people allergic to aspirin.

Turmeric: Turmeric herbal plant roots Ascoli durable and its market is the Yearbook of the platoon Alzenjpelep note that some of the seeds they saw of the platoon Alhamamawiyeh which grows in abundance in the country of the East India One of the names are also hard and Kirkb, Turmeric contains a substance resembling a yellow colored resin and oil Alhrafh many pilots, precise, and some gum and some calcium chloride has been described as the ancient books to strengthen sight and open the Sudd and particularly in the liver and treatment of tingling, numbness and sores, as well as mitigate the fact that turmeric, a strong anti-oxidant and viruses and infections and cancer and has a cholesterol-reducing properties, it is recommended by scientists for the treatment of patients with hepatitis CNN. Studies have shown that turmeric is more effective than green tea a summary in the inhibition of viral damage to liver cells, and after that proved his ability to motivate self-programmed suicide of cancer cells.

Orange: it is a fruit rich in distilled water, sugar and Afattamin "C C and alkaline salts that keeps the young cells. Is an anti-oxidant to contain a substance BIOFLAVONOID Albioflavonid that cleanses the body from "free radicals" and therefore recommended for patients fed him. Which is rich in natural fibers with a delicious taste of multiple forms of diabetes to half Diabetes acid, to satisfy all tastes. It also contains alkaline material benefit even in the case of ulceration of the stomach, because Haamadha turn into sugar when alkaline digestion. And drink is very tasty and refreshing if dealt with as soon as his time and slowly, on condition that the age of the crust that contain toxins to kill insect pests of the fruit. We can say that one of the blessings of God on Lebanon geography and abundance of orange, which is characterized by Btamh delicious orange on the other in the region and the

Green Tea: The researchers said that green tea contains compounds (polyphenols); potent substances Amadadplloksdp provide protection optical and chemical weapons, so as to prevent the effect of ultraviolet radiation harmful. Scientists have been able to determine the presence of a chemical antioxidant in green tea Zarvi the past that have an impact counter to other chronic diseases. Research has pointed to Pinscher green tea is linked to reducing the risk of some diseases such as cancers of the breast and Alpennekriaswalcolon, esophagus and lung in humans. The tea contains a substance Albolivenolalamadadp antioxidant that research has shown again that it may protect against heart disease.

Grapes: the fruits of grapes that are eaten directly and grape juice has many health benefits as the most important. Contribute grapes in reducing high pressure where it is generating for Paul to contain a high proportion of potassium. To limit the consumption of grapes from injury as it makes it easier to catch the abdomen and prefer to use a facilitator for children dealing with grape juice for adults and young, a successful well for children, where grape juice treatment is successful in cases where the grapes to catch the process of cleaning the abdomen and facilitate bowel movement. c reduces the acidity and pH in particular that result from the process is not easy digestion or indigestion where grapes contains many of the impact of natural acid base, where they drew acidity equivalent to or resemble the milk is easier to milk in digestion. D grapes, God willing, contribute to the reduction of cancer, where research suggests that the country with a high production of grapes are almost the cancer, but non-existent because the low grape contains many nutrients that contribute to the carcinogens out "free radicals" and posed outside the body where Grapes contain many vitamins and minerals such as antioxidant vitamins (A, C) and some mineral elements.

Tomato: delicious contain a large amount of water. And tomatoes are eaten raw and cooked, low calories, but rich in vitamins such as vitamins A, C and folic acid as well as metal and potassium is a good source of lycopene, a substance known anti-oxidants and protect against some cancers. The latest findings of the researchers is that eating tomatoes regularly can reduce the risk of men with prostate cancer The researchers at Harvard University suggested that men who ate tomatoes and foods containing them at least 4 times a week, the proportion of infected prostate cancer by 20% compared to men who do not intake also decreased by half the risk in men who ate tomatoes at a rate 10 times in a week. Researchers believe that the substance lycopene, one of Albaioflavonida a natural protective factor against cancer. It is believed that the process of cooking tomatoes helps release lycopene dissolved in the fat cells of the fruit of tomato.

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