Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tell me, what you feel after the removal of toxins from your body

Tell me, what do you feel after the removal of toxins from your body This is the title of the article in your hands You Dear Visitor you agree that the pollution in these days in the water in the food in the soil in the air increased, and this of course affects in us, and die to the accumulation of toxins in the body to feel tired and fatigue from less effort, in addition to the weakness of the immune system and a big problem because the body is vulnerable to disease
There is a saying the straw that broke the camel's back something small but with the large number of significantly affected what we must do is to remove these toxins

Herbal program which is intended to herbal medicine and this one of the strongest Albrmajalmstkhaddmp in ridding the body of toxins and even stronger levels of Alnzamalgmaiy program to get rid of toxins. Herbs are divided in terms of its functions to the filters for the blood, laxatives, diuretics, antibiotics, anti-nominated for, cleansers for the skin.

- Leaf parsley: diuretics for Paul - Wash the kidneys.
- (Goldenseal root): purified blood, liver, kidneys and skin - a catalyst to get rid of toxins.
- (Oregon grape root): Refined the skin and colon - blood purifier - a catalyst for the functions of the liver.
- Uses different herbs:
- Garlic: purifies blood - reduces fat - a natural antibiotic.
- (Cayenne pepper): purified blood - more than to get rid of fluids and sweat.
- Roots Ginger: stimulates the circulatory Paerq.
- (Chaparral): Refined the forces of blood - used in the treatment of cancer

- (Red clover blossoms): purified blood.
- (Echinacea): Refined to the lymph nodes - increasing the performance and efficiency of the lymph sacs.
- (Dandelion root): Purified the liver - and blood - a diuretic - filtered of toxins.
- (Licorice root): a counterbalance to the body's biochemistry - laxative.
- (Sarsaparilla): Purified vesicles of the lymph and blood.
- (Prickly ash bark): a useful herb for the nerves and joints - an anti-infection.

- (Yellow dock root): Contains vitamin (c) and iron - Refined the liver and blood and skin.
- (Burdock root): has the properties of anti-bacteria and anti-fungal - increases the efficiency of the liver functions - a diuretic - Refined for the skin and liver.

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