Sunday, March 28, 2010

Secondly, the medicinal properties of anise:

- Is useful in sputum out where:
Aniseed is a good weed out in terms of sputum taken to fill a teaspoon to two tablespoons and grinded and added to fill the cups of boiled water and leave it for a quarter of an hour or so and then filtered and drink and take a cup in the morning and another cup at bedtime.
Tranquilizer, and housing for colic and cough.
Tonic for digestion and diuretic.
Aniseed and beneficial to the birth and the process of milk production

Boiled Aniseed is useful in:
- Housing for intestinal colic in infants, children and adults
- Benefit in the expulsion of gases
- And increase milk production in nursing mothers
- And enter anise in many moods, coughing and phlegm repellent
- Is useful in some types of headaches
- Shortness of breath

- It is also useful answer to the disturbing menopausal disorders among women
- Alarm strong for the digestive system
- Appetizing
- Removal of chest diseases and throat and cough
- Calming nervous light

- Renew the liver cells
- Quiet sleep
- Generation of menstruation and the monthly
- To remove head lice and pubic hair using a paint component of anise oil with olive oil by 1:2
- Is useful in asthma attacks
- Give the children to expel gas and ease the crying
- To activate the macro -
- To facilitate deliveries

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