Sunday, March 21, 2010

Herbs to enhance memory and concentration

Ginger: The materials which make up the ginger helps the brain to access to new ideas, it also helps to alleviate the blood to flow more easily to the brain which enables access to a larger amount of oxygen. To enhance memory and conservation and not to forget.

Pollen: pollen used successfully in the treatment of neurological disorders, including: stress, fatigue, extreme fatigue, nervous breakdowns with a picture of poor health, is forced memory.

Cinnamon "scholars": help local hot drink with cinnamon honey bees resistant to the painful contractions of various types, such as stomach cramps or muscle cramps or menstrual pain and childbirth, and was told to forget is useless and strengthen memory.
And ginseng: ginseng benefit in situations improve memory and increase concentration.

Sage Sage: Sage Muammar aromatic herbal plant known scientifically as Salvia officials has said Gerrard by the world in the seventeenth century the goalkeeper boost memory vulnerable and return in a short time, has confirmed the English researcher, where this statement proved that the discarded landing enzyme responsible for breaking Astyayl Colin brain which causes Alzheimer's.
Vitamin (c): Vitamin "C" that protects against cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular... Anti-oxidants... Active mental performance.

Thyme: stimulates the memory and concentration.

Islands: it strengthens the memory for active metabolism in the brain.

Pineapple: contains large amounts of vitamin necessary when you save a topic or a long text, as it contains manganese which is another important element.
Avocado: good for short term memory. Contains many of the important fatty acids... Sufficient to deal with half the fruit of avocado.

Nut "walnut": and to treat memory impairment complained of by the children during the study period, we recommend more frequent intake of walnut and pine, and raisins, as well as drinking boiled for that male and ginger and black bean (Nigella sativa) and love of understanding (so-called Albuladr) and chicory as soon as waking up from sleep before addressing anything else, sweeten with honey bees, which make God's healing for people.

Cummins: oil vapor that it contains cumin stimulate the nervous system for creative thinking. A cup of cumin is prepared using a teaspoon of cumin.
Finally, the most important meals of breakfast
the mission and the breakfast are to help stimulate memory, protection from stress, and control stress.

Whenever a balanced breakfast as the brain in a balanced manner:

Good choices for breakfast include:

Whole grains (such as oats or wetlands), milk, and fresh juices.
Sandwich, fruit, and a cup of milk.
Yogurt and an apple cut into slices.
Eggs, toast, orange juice.
Albankik made from whole grains for fruit, and or yogurt, milk.
Tost Frnsawi him fruit, orange juice or milk.
Cheese sandwich (Saihp) with a piece of fruit.
Peanut butter with banana slices on a piece of toast, milk.
A quick breakfast, cocktail Jhazee milk or fruit yogurt, fruit cocktail

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