Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Herbs for your Mind

eat fruits and vegetables to help keep your mind healthy and stress free. They have organic vitamins and minerals your brain needs to stay healthy in today's fast society. They also interact better. If you are feeling constantly stressed, fatigued and or cannot concentrate, you should consider changing your diet
- Cinnamon - Known for its sedative effects in stress, tension and anxiety
- Basil - Said to have a mild sedative effect and lift the spirits
- Gotu Kola - Used as a memory enhancer
- Ginkgo biloba - Used for stress
-Kava Kava - Treatment of anxiety and sleeping problems
- Lavender - Herb used for mood swings
-St Johns Wort - For depression
- Valerian - Used for sleeplessness and to calm the nerves
-Rosemary - Memory lapses and nervous tension
- Grape Seed - The wine from this herb relaxes the mind

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