Thursday, December 23, 2010


Ginseng itself was first discovered in the mountains of Manchuria, north east China around 5,000 years ago. Historians believe that it was probably first used as a staple food. Its rejuvenating powers appear to have been discovered a few hundred years after its discovery; this is when the first ginseng tea was created
Ginseng is a natural herb that can come from a variety of different plants growing naturally in eastern Asia. The plants that fall into the ginseng family all have fleshy roots and have something in them called "ginsenosides." Without the present of the ginsenosides a plant is not a true ginseng plant. Today, this family of plant is used in natural herbal supplements for a variety of different purposes.
Ginseng has complex carbohydrates, it is an anti inflammatory, an anti oxidant, and has anti cancer elements. It is also known for creating energy. That's why most of the energy drinks contain Ginseng. The Chinese are the first to discover this.
Ginseng supplements are also being used to help control diabetes. This is not a cure for this very serious medical condition and patients should check with their doctor before combining Ginseng supplements with their medication, but Ginseng has proven to help with the control and regulation of blood sugar. Ginseng supplements are very good for the body.
Ginseng has also successfully been used to increase metabolism which can help with weight loss or weight control. The faster the metabolism goes the more calories you burn throughout the day and night. The more calories you burn the easier it is to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight
You can walk down the supplement aisle of any store or pharmacy right now and find ginseng supplements designed specifically to enhance mental functioning. This is because ginseng plants have proven to help with memory as well as other forms of thinking and brain functioning.Besides being used in supplements to enhance sexual performance, this is one of the mainstream uses of ginseng today.

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