Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Licorice wild plants Is called the root (Licorice) or (out of licorice)
He is famous in the Arab countries since ancient times
And grow in the occupied land on the Mediterranean basin.
The active ingredient in licorice:
Is Alkltesricn, and proved that licorice contains the sugars
And minerals, the most important of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate
Materials and cause soapy foam when you pour juice contains oil as well as the pilot.
Crushed and used (one teaspoon once a day) in the treatment of stomach ulcers
Chronic constipation and indigestion

Made from the roots of licorice syrup (licorice), a laxative and diuretic
To live and cough accompanied by loss of audio (voice hoarseness)
It is useful in the treatment of kidney disease.

- tonic for the body and in the Marukh blood.
- helps to heal stomach ulcers over several months.
- have been instrumental in removing Aahtp and burning when they occur.
- is useful in curing rheumatism, for it contains elements equivalent Agrokortizon
And helps strengthen the body's immune system
- helps repair the liver as it includes the different metals.
- Leader of urine. And therefore prefer Ostalh hotline for prevention of
Cold and cough, and raised the cold.
- brings delicious food during its use.
- Healing chronic cough or heavy loosed its use with hot water
- easy to digest food after its use.
- the best drink for people with moist sugar cured completely of sugar normal.
- is useful in curing rheumatism, for it contains Enasrfalp.
- contains a lot of salts of potassium, calcium, sex hormones and materials soapy.

And it also benefits the roots of licorice plant contains substances work to dissolve mucus and expelled to the outside is also used to treat chronic inflammatory bowel
And treatment of gastrointestinal contractions complained of many people after breakfast
In addition to be very useful in cases of low pressure.
It also features a mixture of liquorice, milk, food and medical Altmrpfoaid because it contains vitamin «d» and vitamin «b» and «riboflavin» In addition, it contains vitamins and minerals

Prefer not to deal with licorice in cases of hypertension because it causes fluid retention

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