Friday, April 9, 2010


The original home of the Fenugreek North Africa

Fenugreek herb around with heights ranging between 20 - 60 cm, has a leg hollow, fork to the legs of a small, each bearing at the end of three serrated leaves long, and the base leg leaves show small yellow flowers that turn to the fruits in the form of centuries the length of each century, about 10 cm and contains the seeds are similar to some extent in the overall shape is yellow in color tend to vegetables. The bean plant is a herbaceous plant around a small bear fruit in the form of the fruit of centuries, each carrying a number of seeds, there are two types of track circuit, a regular municipal colored yellow and red ring, known as circuit riding two differ greatly. And the arena on the track here is the regular yellow.

- boiling fenugreek seeds to treat indigestion urine and menstrual blood and diarrhea.

- Using powder fenugreek seeds mixed with honey at a small spoon of the powder to fill the arena with one teaspoon of honey three times daily for the treatment Ulcer the stomach and duodenum.

- Using drink boiled fenugreek seeds for the treatment of chest pain, especially asthma and cough fill rate of seeds with a spoon boil for 10 minutes with a full glass of water and drink once a day.

- fenugreek seed powder in the form of powdered by filling a medium spoon before eating an average of three times a day to lower blood sugar.

- Used to track Active menstruation, especially among girls in the age of puberty and the rate of medium spoon twice a day. But recommend that you stay away from her in the case of the start of the pregnancy, it helps to have an abortion in the first three months of pregnancy. While recommended after birth because of their high health properties in this period.

- Use the track if you take Appetizing "spoon to eat to fill a cup of water and soak for two hours" and taken before eating directly with the knowledge that this strengthens the land of the stomach and facilitates digestion.

- If you take the amount of a cup of infusion of the ring on an empty stomach, it kills intestinal worms of various kinds.

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