Thursday, January 13, 2011

Type of herbal

Blue Cohosh
Also known as Papoose Root or Squawroot. Use the root and rhizome.
Interesting that the secondary names pertain to women and children. This
is an excellent tonic for the uterus and may be used wherever there may
be a weakness. Because it has a anti-spasmodic action, it will ease false
labor pains. When labor does ensue, using Blue Cohosh shortly before
birth will help in an easy delivery.

Also known as Lappa and Beggars Buttons. The part of the plant that is
used is the rhizome. This is a bitter herb, but very effective for the
treatment of skin diseases such as dry and scaly skin and when used over

Black Root
Relieves liver congestion, jaundice and for an inflamed gall-bladder.

Black Walnut Hulls
Expels parasites and tape worms. Rich in manganese which is important
for nerves, brain and cartilage. Also used for many kind so skin diseases.

Blue Flag
The part of this plant to use is the root. It is active for cancer, rheumatism,
blood impurities, skin, liver and a good laxative.

Useful for treatment of rheumatism, osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid
arthritis. Also has a stimulating effect on the walls of the colon and
digestive juices.

Boneset is one of the best remedies for the relief of symptoms that come
with the flue. It will quickly relieve the aches and pains as well as help to
reduce fever.

Blood Root
Also known as Red Root, Red Indian Paint and Tetterwort. The part of the
plant that is used is the dried rhizome (root). It is effective for the treatment
of bronchitis easing the bronchial muscles. Also proven effective for the
treatment of asthma, croup and laryngitis.

Blessed Thistle
Excellent for hormone balance. Helps in all types of female disorders.
Good for migraine headaches by improving on taking oxygen to the brain.

Effective treatment for kidneys, ringworm, mouth sores and the blood. It is
highly recommended after any treatment with cortisone or steroids as it
will revive and renew the adrenal glands over time.

Use the leaves to treat urinary ailments as well as kidney, bladder,
perspiration and prostate illness.

Bugleweed is specific for over-active thyroid glands where there is
tightness of breath, palpitations and shaking. Good for the central nervous

Buckthorn Bark
Acts as a mild, yet reliable and effective laxative. It also works again gout
and dropsy.
a long period of time can be helpful in the treatment of psoriasis.

Also known as Butternut, White Walnut, Lemon Walnut, Oilnut. It
influences, with great energy, the liver, small intestines, colon and rectum,
causing and increased manufacture and elimination of bile, as well as
increased activity of the glands of the intestinal tract.

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