Monday, January 17, 2011

Kind of herbal

Also known as Knitbone. Comfrey has high levels of allantoin which is a
healing chemical that stimulates cell growth. This makes it wonderful for
internal and external use. Works well for gastric ailments including
duodenal ulcers and colitis. Is also beneficial for bronchitis.

Use the leaves to treat migraine headaches, arthritis, dizziness and

For treatment of sore throat and mucous membranes.

Excellent for mental depression. Has been used to help memory.

Garlic is one of the few herbs that have universal recognition and uses. It
stimulates the activity of the digestive organs. It is used to emulsify

Excellent for stomach trouble, prostrate and any urinary ailments.

Corn Silk
Use the stigmas from the female flowers to use as a diuretic, antiinflammatory
or tonic. Corn Silk will help in any irritation of the urinary

Use the seed. Excellent treatment for swellings, fever, blood poison
prevention and as a tea for sore throat.

User either the root or leaf. Useful as a powerful diuretic, it is a good
source for potassium. Help in fighting anemia, also used for fever, liver,
skin and urinary ailments.

Devils Claw
Very effective in arthritis as well as liver and kidney problems.

It is the seeds that are used for treatments. An excellent remedy for
flatulence and colic, it also helps to sooth the nerves.

Excellent strengthening energy to nerves and limbs, Damiana has a
reputation as a great sexual rejuvenator, particularly in lethargy of the
sexual organs. Whether that old wives tale is true or not, it does have a
definite positive effect on the central nervous system and the hormonal
system as well as a being useful as an anti-depressant.

Also known as Purple Coneflower, this is probably one of the most widely
recognized herbal treatments available today. While most people know
it's usefulness for fighting colds flue and infections, it is an excellent blood
cleanser. It also clears up carbuncles, boils and blood poisoning.

Treatment for coughs, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, mucous, kidney
and bladder stones.
This is the main herb for protecting and maintaining the health of the eye.
Acts as an internal medicine for the constitutional tendency to eye
weakness. Will also remove cysts that have been caused by chronic

Also known as Blue Gum. The leaves and bark are used. Excellent
treatment for fever, bronchitis and asthma

Use the seeds. Excellent for obesity because it helps take away the
appetite. Aids indigestion when uric acid is the problem. Is also good for
gas acid stomach, gout and colic in infants.

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