Monday, January 24, 2011

The root is used. Excellent for low blood pressure. Increases the capillary
circulation of the brain and also helps with nervous exhaustion. Useful for
chest troubles, colds stomach and lungs.

Golden Seal
Use the root. A powerful agent used in treating ulcers, diphtheria,
tonsillitis and spinal meningitis. It is one of the best substitutes for quinine.
It acts as an insulin.

Gotu Kola
Contains remarkable rejuvenating properties. Is known as “The Secret of
Perpetual Youth.” It strengthens the heart, memory and brain.
Use dried roots, rhizomes. The greatest use for Hydrangea is for treating
enlarged prostate glands. It is also effective for urinary infections like
cystitis, including stones.Hyssop
A body cleanser it is also effective for nervousness and recovering from

Juniper Berries
Excellent for kidney and bladder problems relating to pancreas and
adrenal glands. Works well for dropsy and leucorrhea.

As we mentioned earlier, we will include descriptions that are not
necessarily herbs. This is one of them. Kelp is excellent for the thyroid
gland and goiters. Has a remedial and normalizing action on the sensory
nerves. Good for nails and hair and cleanses radiation from the body.

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