Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Love Herbs

I love growing herb plants, they are easy to grow and cheap , they grow well indoors winter and I get to eat them. Herb plants grown well in cheap plastic plant I got a stack of them out of the trash dumpster behind my local plant store. A few packets of seeds, some dirt and it is amazing, cheap how much will grow.

Herbs and spices - Culinary herbs are different from spices. For the most part, culinary herbs are fresh or dried leaves. Spices are seeds, roots, fruits, flowers, and bark. Culinary herbs usually have a mild flavor while spices tend to have a stronger, pungent flavor.

Most herbs are tough wild plants which thrive when pampered by gardeners. Having a few of the basic cooking herbs growing in containers is convenient because they are all a few steps from my kitchen. If I decide I need an herb in the middle of cooking, I cut a little fresh without having to drive to the store. Herbs can be harvested by simply cutting off what you need, I keep a small pair of scissors just for that. Cooking with fresh herbs is much better than the dried stuff they call herbs that come in little plastic containers. The flavor of fresh herbs is better but the potency of dried herbs is about three times that of fresh, so if you are using fresh herbs in a recipe that called for dried herbs, keep this in mind.

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