Saturday, February 27, 2010

Herbs from Your Garden

Herbs have been known to add flavor to any dish. Since ancient times, people have taken advantage of the benefits they could get from herbs. Some are used mainly for medicinal purposes, some for culinary purposes, while some could be used for both. The great thing is, you can have them grown in your garden, and enjoy the goodness they bring.
One popular dish that needs a touch of herbs is pesto. Basil leaves truly make this dish aromatic and pleasing to your senses. Added to the fact, that you are able to pick the herbs from your garden prior to cooking, you would literally feel good at creating a very tasty dish afterwards.
Nowadays, you can find a lot of homes having herbs in their gardens. This is because a lot of people recognize the use as well as the benefits of these delightful herbs when used for an assortment of dishes. Some of the common herbs you can find in gardens are rosemary, basil, chives, and oregano. These herbs not only enhance the taste of dishes but also give forth medicinal benefits. .
As for everyone who loves pizza, the "pizza herb" must be available every time you need one. Oregano is one herb that must be included in your garden. Home made pizzas would now be easier to make, and of course, the taste would definitely be superb since you have just picked the oregano from your garden. Aside from that, oregano also has medicinal properties that could help treat skin infections as well as flu.
When you often bake potatoes, chives must be present in your garden. Chives have been used for different purposes for over a period of time. You can use them as toppings to pasta, or to corn on a cob. You can also use chives to enhance the taste of your garlic bread. And, if onions aren't available, chives come in handy since they can be used to substitute onions. Having this exquisite herb in your garden would always give you that convenience

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