Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Herb Planting Supplies

Online or in local gardening store supplies in your area, there are a lot of herb garden kits being sold by the dozen now that there is a newfound awareness of container herb planting. And they're all good. But sometimes, the simplest container for your precious herbs can be found right in the comforts of your own home. (A friend of mine even used a shoe for one of his orchids.)

The fun in container gardening starts here - choosing the pots, cans and containers where your chosen herb will grow in, at least before you try to replant in a bigger area of land. But keep in mind as well that the size, material and shape of your container should be taken into consideration.

And there are lots of containers to choose from - wooden troughs, terra cotta pots, plastic ones, glazed clay pots, hanging baskets, etc. My mom used to save cans from canned tomatoes and she uses it to plant small sprigs of mint before she transplants it to a small garden in the backyard. (Mint spreads easily, so before it does so, she quickly replants it or tries to look for ways to use it - mostly in salads.)

You may also need to have a big planter on hand for those compact herbs. Some of the herbs belonging to this category include common ones such as thyme, marjoram, winter savory, sage, rosemary and chives.

Watering cans should also be a must for your gardening needs. While most herbs need very little or minimal water intake, some actually don't like having water on their leaves. This is why you don't need a sprinkler for these plants. When you water your herbs, water from the bottom near where the roots are.

Sometimes, you would also need small hand-rakes (for easy soil cultivation) and pruners (to prune or cut some branches or leaves to facilitate easier and faster plant growth). Some people prefer fertilizer for their plants, but this is optional if you are growing an herb garden.

But the most important part of your gardening comes not just from your tools, but from your heart as well. It is said that your plants respond to what you feel; so give them a whole lot of loving so that they can repay you with a harvest that you can be so proud of.

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