Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Garden Herb

What makes a good garden herb? For the gardeners who want more garden and less herb, there are some herbs that look great as garden plants and you can still use them for all their herb-y goodness. When looking at the list of herbs you can plant in your garden, look for how tall and wide they will be. Check out what kind of leaves they will have or the color of the flowers that will bloom.

Some good garden herbs are:

1. Lovage
This herb is wonderful for cooking with, and it helps the growth process of all other plants around it. What makes lovage a garden herb is that it grows tall, almost hedge-like. You can plant your lovage on the sides of your garden, and watch the wall of green grow. Best of all, lovage is a sturdy plant that can survive the winter. You won't need to replant these mini-tree like herbs.

2. Lavender
A great herb that can substitute as decorative flowers. Lavender flowers are really pretty and you can grow them to line your walkways or paths. The herb flowers can be used to make fresh herb or dried herb tea. Their delicate scent is also always welcome to anyone's senses. Lavender soothes all around, and definitely suites any garden.

3. Jasmine
Like lavender, jasmine makes a great tea and great decorative plant as well. Plant jasmine by your patio, or near the center of the garden fountain. The dainty jasmine flowers complement almost any other plant around them, and their scent is reminiscent of fairy tales and dreams, a great past time to do in your pretty garden!

4. Sweet Woodruff
Another herb with a beautiful flower. Sweet woodruff has a natural musk that picks up in the late afternoons. Plant these closer to your home, maybe line the last step with its flowers. You can also plant this next to your lovage and help its growth along.

5. Basil
Finally, there's basil. It's a good all around herb that is used all the time. If you have a small vegetable patch in your garden, plant basil next to your tomatoes and taste the tomatoes getting sweeter as the basil gets stronger. If pruned right, basil can look like a great plant without many people realizing that it's a garden herb.

As a gardener, there are many ways that you can find herb plants and situate them to make them look like they are regular plants in your garden. It's understandable that not everyone wants an intricate herb garden or a garden that looks like a mini vegetable farm. So check out all the herbs, their flowers, and their heights. Think strategically and you'll find you have many a garden herb you can work with!

Herb gardening is one of the most enjoyable activities or hobbies you can ever take up. Not only does it relieve stress, but the various herbs prove to be very useful around the home too. To learn more about how you can begin your own herb garden, visit My Home Herb Garden

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