Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Rosella flower pod contains many antioxidants. It is rich in nutrients that are useful for balance as the human body. Compound antioxidants in the rosella tea is very useful in prevent free radicals, prevent bone plastering and early aging, slow menopause, accelerate the circulation system, strengthen blood vessel and reduce the negative impact of nicotine.

Early aging is also marked by early skin damage, skin appears dull and wrinkled and appear black spots. This is due to a lack of vitamin C in the free radicals that can damage skin. To prevent the porous bone and early aging, we need to consume calcium and vitamin C in the appropriate amount. Herbal plants Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn.), which initially came from Africa & the Middle East, has a property as a primary preventive antioxidants bone plastering, early aging, slow menopause and reduce the negative impact of nicotine. Rosella herbal contains much of calcium, vitamin C, D, B-1, B-2, magnesium, omega-3, beta-carotene and 18 essential amino acids for the body, among others lysine and agrinine. Each 100 gram pod fresh rosella contains 260-280 milligram of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B2. It contains vitamin C in the amount of 3 times wine black, 9 times out of orange sitrus, 10 times greater than the star fruit

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