Friday, October 16, 2009


Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis) is a perennial herb indigenous to Canada
and eastern United States. Also known as ‘Yellow root’, it belongs to the
Ranunculaceae family. The stem is hairy and purplish above the ground and
yellow below the ground where it connects to the yellow rhizome. The dark green
toothed leaves contain 5 to 7 lobes. Its small greenish-white flowers are erect
and terminal with no petals but numerous stamens. Fruit appears similar to the
Raspberry but it is not edible.

Goldenseal is essentially a healing herb and does not have any culinary usage.
The rhizome and roots of this herb is used for several herbal medications. This
herb is believed to have several medicinal properties including hepatic, alterative,
anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, laxative, emmenagogue, and

Goldenseal has been traditionally used to treat skin disorders, digestive
problems, liver conditions, diarrhea, wounds, sore and inflamed gums, ulcers and
eye irritations. Herbal tea made using this herb is said to help in sore throats.
Goldenseal tincture can be used as a mouthwash or gargle for inflamed gums
and mouth ulcers. The herb is used as an expectorant and stimulates the
secretion and flow of bile. Goldenseal is also used in topical anti-microbial
ointments to cure skin irritations, wounds and rashes.

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