Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The root is used. Excellent for low blood pressure. Increases the capillary
circulation of the brain and also helps with nervous exhaustion. Useful for
chest troubles, colds stomach and lungs.

Gotu Kola
Contains remarkable rejuvenating properties. Is known as “The Secret of
Perpetual Youth.” It strengthens the heart, memory and brain.

Use the leaves and root. Effective treatment for the liver and skin

Has a remarkable relaxing effect on the central nervous system. It is also
effective for anemia and restoring the appetite.

Contains a great deal of silica, which helps keep the elasticity in the skin.
Also an effective diuretic and helps with kidney stones.

Use dried roots, rhizomes. The greatest use for Hydrangea is for treating
enlarged prostate glands. It is also effective for urinary infections like
cystitis, including stones.

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  1. I have search ginseng was a plant I mean herbal plant that can give you more healthier life but I forgot what kind on disease can be cured by applying ginseng, I think this will be mixed up with potpourri incense if you know how it will be done.