Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do you know

A nerve tonic. Used for epileptic fits and St. Vitus dance, nervous
derangement or irritations. Excellent for children with measles and scarlet
fever. Promotes sleep.

Also known as Wild Hyssop. Will strengthen the nervous system while
easing depression and melancholia. Good for fever and best for colds.

Can be useful for treatment of nervous disorders, worms and jaundice.

Has a high content of oil. Good for internal use for coughs, throat and
asthma as well as external use for infected wounds.

Uva Ursi
Very useful in diabetes and all kinds of kidney troubles. Excellent remedy
for piles, hemorrhoids, spleen, liver, pancreas and gonorrhea. Also good
where there are mucus discharges from the bladder with pus and blood.

Wild Carrot
Also known as Queen Annes Lace, Wild Carrot is a diuretic, that acts as a
urinary antiseptic which is why it is a treatment for cystitis, kidney stones,
prostatitis. Also effective for gout and rheumatism.

Witch Hazel
Use bark and leaves. A good tonic, it aids in treating menstruation, lungs,
uterus, piles, circulation, tumors eyes and is effective as a douche.

Wood Betony
Excellent healing herb for bronchitis, coughs and colds. Also good for
kidney and bladder. This herb helps to correct a bed-wetting problem.

A primary liver herb, it acts to remove congestion from the liver allowing
free flow of bile thereby helping the digestive process. Also used in the
treatment of jaundice and bladder problems. Will also relive constipation.

White Oak Bark
Good for varicose veins. Used in douches and enemas for internal tumors
and swellings. One of the best remedies for piles and hemorrhoids,
hemorrhages or any trouble of the rectum. It normalized the liver, kidneys
and spleen.
A tonic for run-down conditions and indigestion. If taken freely at the
beginning of a cold, it will break it up in 24 hours. Has soothing and healing
action on mucus membranes.

Yellow Dock
Mineral rich plant, especially rich in iron. Excellent as a blood purifier and
tones up the entire system.

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