Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Uncommon Ways For Growing Fresh Herbs Indoors

A healthy garden bed is glorious because it is pleasant to sight. It gives a relaxing ambiance to the room they're sitting in. Growing fresh herbs indoors is beneficial in so many ways.

You don't have to put in a lot of hard work to keep your indoor garden perennially green. The amount of hard work you put in may not always be proportionate to what you get out of your garden. When it comes to gardening, smart work can be more rewarding.

Below are 2 uncommon methods you can use to grow fresh herbs indoors:

1. Herb rotation:

Herb rotation is growing different herbs in different seasons instead of growing the same kind continuously throughout the year. Different herbs are being grown as the season changes.

There are many benefits to rotating the plants in your indoor garden. Changing your herbs will balance the fertility of the soil and avoid the build up pest that can be harmful to the plants.

Crop rotation will keep your soil fertilized, slow the spread of pests and diseases during the growing season. It will grow your indoor garden with fresh and healthy plants instead of letting them lie fallow.

2. Growing Companion herbs:

Many gardeners grow companion herbs to improve the overall health of their garden. Some herbs actually grow better when they're grown with some other herbs.

Companion plants can be of great help for growing fresh herbs indoors. They can act as repellant to harmful pest or attract beneficial insects. Companion herbs are known to assist in the growth of other plants by providing nutrients or fixing nitrogen in the soil.

You can find a complete list of companion herbs here: Companion herbs

Herb rotation and growing companion crops have been a popular practice by farmers worldwide. It is however, yet to catch up with gardening enthusiasts. These two uncommon methods can be effectively put to use for growing fresh herbs indoors.

Marie Davis is an herb expert. For more tips on growing fresh herbs indoors, visit indoor herb gardening.

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